Friday, 8 May 2009

On the River Nene

Well what a day we have had today. It started ok, we took a steady run down to Stangground where we locked through onto the river Nene.
We moored in Peterborough so I could go to the Environment Agency office to buy a licence to travel from Peterborough to Northampton,where we will lock into the canal system.
That was fine, then the wind got up,so at Orton Lock it was trying to blow us toward the weir.Using alot of power we managed to enter the lock but now we are travelling a bit fast,Lots of reverse power and we were in safely. Locking went well until we moored at the other side so I could reset the lock.(you must always leave the down stream lock gate open).then the wind tried it's best to blow Doublefracture off the mooring.
With the lock reset we made the short trip past Peterborough Yacht club to our mooring at Ferry Meadows. Then the fun really started. The wind across the lake made things very difficult indeed, however we eventually won. Our final problem of the day,the tin opener broke,so I went to the shop for a new one and that also broke when we used it. So back to the shop I went. This one worked so we could have our dinner.

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