Thursday, 14 May 2009

New diesel prices.

First a correction from yesterday, the Shortage of water was in the pound between lock thirteen and twelve not fourteen and thirteen.There that's put that right.
Now for some facts. After forty hours running we topped up the diesel tank, it took seventy one point one litres @ 0.88 pence a litre.
This is a price worked out under the new rules where you get 60% for propulsion at high duty and 40% at low duty for your domestic use(heating & water heating), however most places are working out an average price. All very complicated.
Got that off my chest. So today we have only traveled for two point two hours. for those who are tracking us on the map(the grandchildren) we are up from Gayton Junction & just below Norton Junction. It's been a quiet day. For those who don't know we have ten Grandchildren. The picture it from Tuesday evening because we haven't taken any today.

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