Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bingley 3&5 Rise Locks.

Our Richard and Gill came today with Louise,Megan,Aaron and Duncan.Then after lunch Mali Heath and Charlie arrived.They came to watch us go up the 3&5 rise locks at Bingley,although Louise and Megan are stopping for a few days. First was the 3 rise taking us up 29ft 11ins.We had a slight delay while the lock keeper helped a man who had fallen off his bike. Paramedics came and took him to hospital.Next were the 5 Rise, these would take us up another 60ft. The 5 rise attract alot of people watching the boats going up and down. It took about one and a half hours to complete the whole operation, by then it was time for our visitors to return home and for us to moor for the night. Marlene and I took the two girls on a short walk and collected some blackberries. Apple and blackberry crumble tomorrow.

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