Thursday, 6 August 2009

Up, Up And going nowhere.

On Wednesday we spent a quiet morning at the boat. Then we went over to Richard and Gills,Then Marlene,Richard and me went down to Pamela's. The reason,Thursday Marlene and me were going Hot Air Ballooning at Grimsthorpe Castle. At 11pm we phoned the Flight line to see if the flight was on,it was. So off we went to bed ready for an early start Thursday morning.
We had a 5am alarm for a 6am meeting in the car park,then a short trip to the launch site in the castle grounds.The basket was put in place, the balloon was connected and the fans started,after a short safety talk. Unfortunately that was when the heavens opened and the thunder rumbled. Everyone took shelter in the vans till the rain stopped, however, it was decided in the interest of safety to cancel the flight. So we packed it all away,had a glass of Champagne and went back home.Now I will have to go on the Internet and arrange another date.

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