Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Memorial to Polish Airmen.

Moving on we moored at Kildwick and Farnhill last night. Called at Silsdon Boats for Diesel on the way, they had stopped selling it. Thanks to the new tax on red diesel nobody wants to have anything to do with it,well done Mr Brown.
This morning we set off for Skipton. At the second swing bridge there was a memorial to seven Polish Airmen killed on 23rd September 1943. They were in a Wellington Bomber serial number HZ251,on a training flight from 6(c) training unit Silloth Cumberland. The crash happened at 12-50pm at a place called Winfreds Cafe. One Airman had a small memorial on his own, his name was Jan Czyzewski age 23yrs.
Our luck was in today we found a Boat yard that sold diesel,this was Snaygill Boats at bridge 181.
We arrived in Skipton just before lunch,had a quick walk round town then had lunch.
Skipton has a very well preserved castle which we had a look round this afternoon. This is Louise and Megan's last day with us, Gill is coming to collect them tomorrow.

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