Monday, 24 August 2009

Back to the Locks.

On Saturday night we sampled the delights of the Anchor Inn. We had a nice meal and a few drinks.On Sunday we had a quiet day on the boat.
This morning we left Gargrave at 08-45 we had three locks left of the Gargrave flight,then on to Bank Newton and its six locks. We had help through the first lock by the Anchor from a British Waterways worker,he asked me if I'd been a doctor. I said no and explained the reason for the boats name.
The bank Newton flight are all close together so I could set the next lock while waiting for the one to fill up.On the second to last lock we met a hire boat coming down so that lock was set for us, however,the last lock in the flight which should have been set for us had half filled due to leaks in the top gate. There are notices on all the gates telling you not to waste water but more water must be wasted through leaks than any thing else. So come on British Waterways fix some of these leaks.
We had done nine locks but traveled only about a mile by 11 0 clock when we stopped for coffee. I had not been on the boat all morning with the locks being so close together.After coffee we carried on with the canal twisting and turning till we reached East Marton where we stopped to top up the water and have lunch.
With lunch finished the rain came yet again, so we decided to stay the night at East Marton, on the seven day visitor moorings.

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