Saturday, 8 August 2009

Royal Armouries.

This morning Stephen and the boys went home.we took them up the canal and moored near Woodlesford station so they could catch a train into Leeds. Before we made the trip up the canal Domanic went fishing and caught four Perch.
Yesterday we went into Leeds to the Royal Armouries. I was surprised to at how big it was,it was also a shock to see how much Leeds had changed since I went to live in Cambridgeshire. We had a great day, which included a Tudor horse riding skills show.The show was three riders showing hunting and fighting skills. After the show we went round to the stable area to see the horses and talk to the riders,they also kept some lovely birds of prey for the falconry displays. Sunday tomorrow so we will stay at this mooring and have a relaxing day, Monday we will visit mother before we head in to Leeds on Tuesday.

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