Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sir Titus Salt.

Morning arrived bright and sunny. We were heading for Apperley Bridge. Passing through two swing bridges we were in wooded country side. Marlene did a big wash while we were moving(the washer only works with the engine running). The next swing bridge was on a road(the others were on tracks) so the barriers were put across the road stopping the traffic,the operation was all electrically controlled.Doublefracture passed through followed by another boat, stopping the traffic for longer.
After the bridge we went up Dobson 2 locks. At the top we topped our water up then carried on till lunch. In the afternoon we did Field 3 locks rising 25ft,we then moored up to dry the washing.There were woods opposite our mooring and in the evening we could here the natives shouting and being merry, but we never saw them and they didn't attack.
This morning after a short walk we went into Shipley were we did our shopping,then on to Saltaire the Utopian dream of sir Titus Salt the wealthy Victorian mill owner. Walking up Shipley glen(the Tramway wasn't working)we returned by another track part of the Millenium Way.
Finally we pushed our luck and carried on to Bingley, getting soaked in a sudden downpour while passing up Dowley gap 2 locks. Tonight we are moored just below Bingley 3 rise locks, next to a main road and the railway. Big day tomorrow with the 3 rise and the 5 rise locks.

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