Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Return to Barbridge Junction.

On Saturday afternoon we left Chester,doing the five locks rising 35ft.on the way up we met a hen party going into Chester for the night,later we met a stag party heading in the same direction. We carried on to Waverton before mooring for the night.When we woke up on Sunday morning there was a camping trailer parked on the car park next to the mooring but no car to pull it.
Staying at Waverton on Sunday we did some painting and made a start on scrubbing down the boat roof.The weather was kind to us os we got plenty done.Two people emerged from the camping trailer and went off on bikes returning later with a car.
On Monday morning Marlene went to the hairdressers,we then carried on to Wharton lock(just below Beeston Castle). Up by the lock we found a Damson tree so we picked 2lb of fruit so we could make some jam.
This morning after making three jars of Damson jam we left for Barbridge Junction.There were six locks on route which we paired up with another boat. Second lock of the six is Iron Lock which you have to do one boat at a time as it is slightly narrow. The two last locks are a staircase,at the top we said goodbye to Tony and Mo on Elamiah. Thanks to both of them for making our morning easier and very pleasant. Stopping for lunch at Calveley we had a look at the floating gift shop run by Mel and Ivor Batchelor.We first came across this shop when we took a holiday on the Hotel boat Shirley Ann. Tonight we are moored at Barbridge Junction and are taking a walk to the pub. Tomorrow the Llangollan.

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