Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A rare morning of sun.

Everything looked better this morning the sun was shining,the sky was blue. We had left Blackburn behind. We left the mooring just after nine o clock, traveling through rolling hills and farmland. By ten fifteen we were at the top of Johnson Hill Locks. A flight of seven locks, dropping sixty five foot six inches in the space of three quarters of an hour.
Coming out of the bottom lock at twelve thirty we stopped for coffee. While there I did some running repairs to the front fender which had come loose due to a broken link in the chain.
Just before Chorley we came across an old mill that had been made into a shopping centre,It was called Botany Bay.The lady at the door asked if we were members,we explained that we were just passing on the canal, so she let us in.It was done out on four floors selling everything you could want,if only more of our old buildings were restored like this instead of pulling them down and building modern eye sores.
When we came out it was raining,so we had lunch and waited to see if it would clear up.While waiting I looked in the weed hatch and found rope and plastic bags round the prop shaft, it should run better now they have been removed.Showers seem to be quite frequent so we have decided to stay here tonight.

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