Saturday, 5 September 2009

Onto the Bridgewater Canal.

Left our over night mooring heading for Leigh Nicholson;s says there is a manned swing bridge at Plank Lane,in fact it's a lift bridge,passing trough we then stopped for water. Carrying on we arrived at Leigh,moored and went shopping then had lunch. As you pass under Leigh bridge you leave the Leeds Liverpool/Leigh Branch and go onto the Bridgewater Canal. This afternoon we stopped at bridge 66 and did a walk Round Bedford Moss which took some following.The walk was on a leaflet that we picked up at Haigh Hall. The walk was 3 mile. We then moved on to Astley Green And moored for the night. Astley Green has a Pit Museum which we plan to visit in the morning.there is also a second walk here on the leaflet.

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