Saturday, 19 September 2009


This morning we did our shopping,had coffee then went exploring.Chester is a walled city dating back to Roman times.Much of the wall is still standing and is a good way to walk round this small but interesting city. Above the river Dee are the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre,and at the side of that is St Johns Church. originally the city cathedral, St Johns is a lovely Church standing out side the walls. In side the walls is the much larger Cathedral that was built to replace St Johns.
Chester Castle was a little disappointing as there is not a lot to see, what there is is surrounded by more modern buildings. In the centre of town is a very ornate clock high above the street,it was done for Queen Victoria.There is a mix of buildings old and not so old, with narrow alleys with restaurants and coffee shops. All in all an interesting city.The two pictures of stain glass windows are in St Johns Church,not the Cathedral.

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