Friday, 18 September 2009

Coffee with George Cheers.

Leaving Nantwich heading south,then at the first winding hole we turned around heading north to Chester. We stopped at Calveley Service point where we topped up with water before mooring up just passed bridge 104. Later we walked across the fields,then the foot path went into a private garden.As we walked through we met George Cheers, the owner of the house,while passing the time of day he invited us in for coffee, Which we accepted. Time soon passed as we chatted about the local area and what we were doing. some times you meet people who make you feel really welcome,George was one of those people.
On Thursday we had six locks to do, the first two were a staircase,the locks were double locks going down.On the staircase two we passed a hire boat in the middle, that was going up. We moored at Bates Mill Bridge, near the Shady Oak the afternoon we walked over to Beeston Castle that is built on cliffs that are 100m high. As we walked back down we called at the Shady Oak for a drink before dinner.
Today we carried on to Chester,doing five more locks. Arriving in Chester in the afternoon we turned round by the Frog and Nightingale pub and moored for the night.In the evening we took a walk round town,tomorrow we'll take a proper look. Tonight is the first time I've been able to get on line since we left Nantwich.

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