Monday, 7 September 2009

Orange Water.

Moving off this morning we went under the M60 Motorway to worsley. The water at Worsley is orange due to the dissolved iron ore in it. To my surprise Worsley was quite a nice place. We then passed through Salford which wasn't quite as nice,here we had the derelict buildings and the urban decay. Once through Salford we passed over the Manchester Ship Canal,it looked as though the aquaduct at one time sung open to allow large ships to pass through.We were now travelling down passed the Trafford Centre and Trafford Park area to the junction where the canal goes off to the left and up through the centre of Manchester to the Rochdale and Ashton canals. We went right headed for Stretford and Sale. What I expected to be a long stretch of urban decay proved to be a pleasant green corridor. Just running into Sale in the area of Ashton upon Mersey was a nice shopping centre which came down to the canal side,on the opposite side the King's Ransome public house looked very nice with it's large area of out side tables. Having cleared the last of Sale we were out in the country so we moored for lunch near Dunham town bridge, not far from Dunham Massey hall, a National Trust property.With the sun out we decided to stay here for the night. What we thought would be a day of urban decay had turned out to be quite a pleasant day


  1. Hi,
    I followed you down Wigan locks on Friday and then passed you on the Leigh branch Saturday afternoon (although I was aboard nb Sunshine rather than Starcross) I remember noticing the name of your boat, which obviously had a story behind it (which thanks to your blog I now know) but I'm still puzzled about the punctuation marks within the name.

  2. Hi Jim, I'm told by my sign writer, who was told by his sister who is a nurse, that the two hash punctuation marks are the medical sign for a double fracture. Mick & marlene.