Tuesday, 15 September 2009


On Monday morning we took a walk up Hurlston Locks to see what we would have to do in the future. Timing will be everything,these locks are busy on weekends so we propose to go up them on a week day,but that's later.
After our walk we left heading for Nantwich,once again we have our balloon ride booked for Tuesday morning. This evening Richard came down to take us to the launch site. It took him an hour to find the mooring once he arrived at Nantwich. At the appointed time(11PM)we phoned the flight line to see if the flight was on. The voice on the phone informed us due to bad high altitude winds the flight was cancelled,Please re-book your flight. We were gutted, again.This morning we had breakfast then Richard returned home,Marlene and I walked into town. Nantwich town is a mixture of old and new buildings which works very well,a lovely town centre.We were going to move on this afternoon but decided to spend a second night here.
The canal at Nantwich is on an embankment then crosses the A51 Chester road on a cast iron aqueduct.Tomorrow we will cross the aqueduct then turn at the winding hole between bridges 90 and 91,then back the way we came heading for Chester.
We re-booked our balloon flight for October 28th near Weston in Staffordshire,hopefully third time lucky.

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