Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Third Time Lucky.

On Tuesday we waited at the mooring in Great Haywood for the arrival of our son Richard,his wife Gill and the four grandchildren. They arrived about 4-o-clock,and the kids started to put up two tents for them to sleep in. It was nearly dark by the time they had finished. We played Scrabble while we waited for 11pm so we could phone the flight line to see if the balloon flight was on. I phoned and was told the morning was off but to phone at 11am today to see if it was good for the afternoon.
This morning we all went for a walk round Shrugborough Hall until it was time to phone,we left the tents up to dry out. Arriving back we had a note from British Waterways telling us to take the tents down,we did.Then it was time to phone, it was good news, the flight was on for 2pm at Amerton Farm near Weston. We finally lifted off at 3-20pm. It was a lovely experience, flying at a height of 2,600ft over the Staffordshire countryside, below we saw a lorry overturned and a very large traffic jam. After 55mins we landed in a field near Sudbury 22kilometers from our launch site. the landing was good and the basket stayed upright, showing the skill of our pilot Max.Back at the boat we had some tea then Richard and Gill and the kids left for home. The end of a perfect day.

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