Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Old Colleague.

On Monday after another trip to the laundrette for Marlene, I set off up to the water point to meet her and get ready to move on. As I was about to move off an old colleague of mine( Dave Woodward and his wife) went by on their boat Dex.We had exchanged a few words on both Saturday and Sunday when We had past their mooring,this morning however we ended up in a queue for the water point so we had a chance to have a good chat. In the mean time Marlene had got fed up with waiting at the water point and came round to where we were moored waiting. in the end Dave and his wife moved to the water point and Marlene and I decided to have lunch first.
After lunch we watered up then went the few mile to Barbridge Junction for the night.It was a nice evening with some high cloud and a bright moon.
This morning we had rain,so we had a late breakfast and waited for it to clear before moving on.Turning right on to the Middlewich Branch really made me feel that our summer was nearing an end. Traveling for about two hours and dropping down two locks we moored, not needing to travel too far each day. In between showers this afternoon we washed the rest of the roof ready for painting. Mid afternoon the rain finally beat us so we settled down for the evening.Our Internet connection here is very good here and I managed to down load some photo's we'd been e-mailed(I'd been trying for a few days).The pictures are The night sky,leaving Minshull lock and Dave's boat taken in March town.

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