Friday, 23 October 2009

A Day at Shrugborough Hall.

On Monday we moved from the 48hr moorings onto the five day moorings,these were below Star lock rather than above. Staying there till Wednesday we had a quiet time reading and driving our selves mad with a jigsaw.We traveled down to Weston on Wednesday staying near the Saracens Head,where on our way up country we had had a meal when my sister Jennifer and husband Malcolm came to see us.
Moving down to Great Haywood Junction yesterday we moored just past the junction,our intention,to visit Shrugborough Hall.On the way down we past a Gipsy caravan near some moorings. So today we walked to the hall,where we spent the whole day looking round the house and Park Farm,a great day out.While there we met one of the guides, a lady who was a boater from Rugeley.We spent some time talking about the canals. I as was looking for a branch of Alliance and Leicester so she suggested a trip into Stafford.The tower in the pictures is the Tower of the Winds,completed in 1765 this replica water clock was once used as a dairy(downstairs) and as a gambling den (upstairs). It stands in the grounds of Shrugborough Hall.

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