Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fifty foot down the Stoke Flight.

Staying at Westport Lake on Tuesday we walked into the nearest town to find a Post Office, we needed to post some birthday cards.Later we walked round the lake and called at the new visitors centre and cafe for a coffee.The centre looks a bit like the ark from one side.In the afternoon we walked back into town(Tunstal)to get our passports sent off as they run out in January.On our return we got talking to a couple from Tasmania who had been here for three years cruising the canals. They were heading to Llangollen for the winter, before heading home next year.
On Wednesday we travelled down through Stoke on Trent, Five locks dropping 50ft. When we got to the third lock it was over run by Japanese tourists,cameras clicked and Doublefracture became the back drop for photos.Clearing Stoke we carried on and moored near the Wedgewood factory,as we had on our journey up this way in June.
Today we had to move as the mooring we were on was only a 24hr mooring.Before we left the mooring while drinking our morning cuppa, we were hit by a hire boat. They were very apologetic.There was no damage to Doublefracture.About ten minutes after leaving us the man came back and gave us a bottle of wine to say sorry. We didn't go far, just to the other side of Barlston,about two mile. It has been a damp and cloudy day.

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