Saturday, 10 October 2009

Climbing to the Tunnel.

Stayed at Wheelock as we planned, but the bad weather didn't arrive till tea time.In the afternoon we walked some of the local footpaths, then sampled the local fish and chips
Off by 9am this morning,it was to be a day of locks.the locks are narrow but come in pairs,however some have only one working. Some are shut off permanently and some are being repaired. The first few locks were quite deep ,this is the start of the climb up to the Harecastle Tunnel. Once out of the built up area the country side opened up,the weather warm and sunny most of the day. By this evening we had done twenty locks and risen 162ft 2ins.At one point,while I was setting the next lock Marlene wound down the paddles and came out of the lock, shutting the gate behind her(getting far too cocky for her own good).
Tonight we are moored at Church Lawton.Tomorrow we will stay here and do some more walking,hopefully the weather will be kind again.

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