Friday, 30 October 2009

Fradley Junction.

Thursday morning we left Great Haywood heading for Fradley Junction. First though we stopped off in Rugeley to do some shopping.The town is small but has most of what a traveler might need,including a market on Thursdays,although it was a very small market. Lunch was late after wandering round town and the supermarket was busy.Leaving Rugeley past the power station and on to Armitage. Before arriving at Armitage we past through a narrow section of canal that used to be Armitage Tunnel,now the top has been taken off the tunnel. It was getting late and due to the dark nights we moored up just before bridge 59 at Handsacre.
This morning after cutting up some logs we continued on our way to Fradley Junction. We moored just before the top lock at Fradley,in the open so Marlene could dry some washing. In the afternoon we walked down to the junction then along the Coventry Canal to the first bridge, where we took the road back to Fradley. As we past the Swan inn Marlene went into the shop next door and bought us an ice cream.
Tomorrow is the day we head in to our winter mooring at Barton Marina.

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