Friday, 29 June 2012

Thunder storms at Zouch cut.

After I had finished last Saturdays blog, Marlene and I walked up the river to Barrow on Soar. At the lock the green light was on and the sign read Soar open. So,we walked back down river and fetched the boat up to Barrow. Saturday night was good for me I got six numbers on the lottery plus five,unfortunately I had three on two separate days so it only paid a fiver. On Sunday morning we went up the hill to the village to collect my winnings. The road to the village is up hill and this caused me some pain in my leg where I hurt it when I fell in at Sawley. We returned to the boat via the Navigation Inn, where we had a lunch time drink on the sun terrace over looking the river, for once the sun was shining. Going up river on Monday we turned round and made our way back to Loughborough. After lunch we went to the NHS walk in centre to have my leg checked as it was still quite painful. I was cheered no end at being told I had soft tissue damage and it can take from six days to six month to heal. Tuesday was a quiet day with nothing much happening,Marlene did the washing while I exercised the leg with a walk to B&Q and Go Outdoors. Leaving Loughborough on Wednesday we cruised steadily down river to Zouch lock where we moored in the cut. We stayed Thursday through heavy rain and two thunder storms,we'll be glad to see the back of flaming June. As I write this we are still at Zouch cut as the Soar has once again gone into flood. I went to the lock at the end of the cut this morning to find it well into the red on the marker board,looks like another day here at least.

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