Saturday, 16 June 2012

Back to Sawley .

Well, a lot has happened since my last blog. On Monday we managed to get out for a walk round Attenborough Nature Reserve,in between showers. On Tuesday the river had dropped to Amber(proceed with caution)so a group of us cleared away some of the junk that had washed down river and accumulated at the lock gates. This done three boats entered the lock. When the gates were opened on to the river we towed them out of the lock with their engines off so their propellers did not get fouled. On e clear of the junk two of the boats set of up river. The third started his engine a bit too soon and got a piece of wood jammed in his propeller. Once we had cleared that he went up river. Denise,his wife phoned later to say they had arrived at Sawley safe and sound(she had been a bit nervous). Before lunch we helped another boat through and they went up river. In the afternoon I decided we would go back to Sawley instead of carrying on to Newark. Marlene wasn't very happy with my decision,however with more rain forecast I did not want to get stuck on the river. We moored in Cranfleet cut on Tuesday night. Before going up to Sawley on Wednesday morning. On arrival I went to check the buses into Nottingham in the afternoon. On my return I missed my footing getting on the back of the boat and ended up waist deep in the canal. I stopped myself going any deeper with one arm on the bank and the other on the boat. In doing so I grazed my elbow and my right shin. That evening we went into Nottingham on the Skylink bus. After a meal we went to the Playhouse Theatre to see Buddy Holly and the Crickiters. I must say for a man who died in 1959 he put on a great performance. We returned to the boat on the Skylink bus. This bus runs all night as it is the East Midlands Airport bus,there is also one that runs to Derby through Shardlow. Thursday we went to check moorings in Sawley Marina as we are thinking of having a permanent mooring so we can come and go when we please. On Friday morning we went shopping in Long Eaton. The town was bigger than we thought and had a good range of shops. That afternoon we went back to the Marina and agreed to a mooring from the first of July. Our plan for this morning was to go down the river Soar for a couple of weeks before going into our mooring. As I looked out first thing a man from British Waterways past and said"I hope you were not planning to go any where today"when said what our plan had been his reply was"not this weekend the river is thirteen inches into the red. OH well here we go again.

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