Saturday, 7 July 2012

More river closures.

Saturday the river at Zouch was in the Amber so we left and cruised up to Kegworth deep lock. On arrival we found that it was still in the red zone at Kegworth. Mooring up I phoned Sawley to ask the state of the Trent,I was told although the Soar was out of flood the Trent was still in flood. We decided to stay at Kegworth until the Trent was open and we could return to Sawley. A phone call on Sunday morning confirmed it was still in flood. With the prospect of another day at least moored where we were, we decided to explore the local foot paths. Walking half way from Kegworth deep to Kegworth shallow we found a path on the right which took us over several fields to the village of Sutton Bonnington. The day before we had walked from Zouch to Sutton Bonnington to do some essential shopping. On Sunday we found another path that took us back across to the River Sour about a mile from where we were moored. When we arrived back at the boat I once again checked with Sawley to see if there was any change in the Trent. To our surprise we were told it was open to traffic. Armed with this information we left Kegworth. At the end of the Soar where it joins the Trent we turned left heading for Sawley Lock. The river was still high and flowing fairly fast. Approaching the lock the cross current was rather strong but with a little more power we entered the quiet water on the lock approach. Coming out of the lock we were shocked to see the red light was back on showing the river was closed again. Sunday night we moored opposite Sawley Marina. After mooring we went to the Plank and Leggit for our tea and a couple of pints. On Monday we walked round to the Marina and signed the contract for our mooring in the Marina. Returning to the boat we took it in to our new berth. Since then we have spent our time doing jigsaws and reading due to the heavy rain, although we have had a couple of nice days,at least some of the Pamela brought Archie and Amberley to stay the night while her and Nathan go out to celebrate Pamela's birthday.

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