Saturday, 23 June 2012

An interesting year.

We were stuck at Sawley until Tuesday when we dropped down Sawley Lock with a hire boat. The boat was hired by a group from Gem106 radio, they were broadcasting from different pubs on the midlands waterways. After the short run down to the junction we turned right onto the river Soar. The broadcasters were heading to Normanton on Soar for that nights broadcast. At Kegworth shallow lock they were met by a man from the hire company who had come to help them through Kegworth deep lock. He told me he wouldn't have bothered if he had known they were travelling with another boat. At the top of the deep lock we moored for the night. It was an interesting mooring under the flight path for East Midlands airport. Wednesday was a wash day, while Marlene washed I took the boat down river to Zouch where we moored to dry the washing. It was a nice day(one of the few)so every thing dried well. Later that afternoon we carried on to Loughborough and moored at Loughborough Wharf. The wharf is very close to town so Marlene managed a vist to the hair dressers. The next day after doing some shopping we moved round the corner as the Wharf was a 24hr mooring. Friday was a wash out again so we stayed where we were and did some reading and tried to finish the jigsaw we are doing. Today we left Loughborough heading for Barrow on Soar. Unfortunately on arriving at Pillings flood lock the river was in the red again. As I am writing this we are trying to decide whether to turn round and go back or wait to see if the river drops, as it is only just in the red and some people are risking going though. The section through Loughborough to Pilling's lock is canal as the Soar wanders off away from the town. Ah well it's an interesting year.

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