Sunday, 10 June 2012

Going nowhere again.

Around lunch time on Thursday the rain cleared,I walked to Trent lock to see what the water levels were like. We were good to go the marker boards were at green. Entering the lock we were joined by another boat from Lyons boat yard on the north Stratford. As I got talking to him it turned out he new Mike and Nicola on Molly Rose. Leaving them after the lock we turned left into Cranfleet Cut,while they went right to Sawley. Leaving Cranfleet Lock at quarter to one we headed down the River Trent. Three quarters of am hour later we entered Beeston lock. It was just starting to rain again,so we moored up. It is now Sunday lunch time and we are still moored in the same place. The Trent is in flood yet again, it does not look as if we will be moving any time soon,unles it is just into Nottingham. Having just just returned from the lock to check the hieght of the river I can honestly say it is higher now than yesterday. It seems we picked the wrong year to go down the Trent to Newark. On the bright side the sun is out and it is warm,however more rain is forecast for next week.

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