Friday, 10 June 2011

An unexpected swim.

Yes, I know it's the 10th June not the 1st, but on our return to Warwick we decided to leave the boat for a week in the Saltisford Arm while we went up to Yorkshire to visit Mother. If you are near Warwick any time and need to leave your boat, there is no better place. You get the first night free then £4 a night for the rest of your stay. The manager of the moorings is a very pleasant man who is always willing to help.
In the week we were away with our Granddaughter two things happened, while moored at Long Itchington we were passed by the old working boat President and its butty Kildare. The second thing was Marlene got the hang of moving up the locks as a pair while going up Stockton Locks with the narrow boat More Contented See Pictures.

So yesterday we left the mooring and set off up the Hatton Flight of 21 locks. We were lucky and joined up with Sue & Barry on their boat As It Comes, they had already done two locks at the Cape. All went well, then at about the half way point Marlene slipped while leaving the lock and fell of the back of the boat. Barry taken by surprise managed to get both boats to the side,not an easy task. Mean while Marlene swam to the bank where she was helped out by some BW workmen who were working at the lock, this was lucky as it took me some time to get round from the other side of the lock.
Shaken but other wise unharmed we got her back on board for a shower followed by a nice cop of tea, good old tea. Myself, Sue and Barry then carried on up the locks. after about three more locks Marlene rejoined us for the final push to the top. My thanks to every body who helped and for the patience of the other boaters coming down the flight while we got sorted out.
Once at the top Marlene and I stopped for lunch while Sue and Barry carried on. We caught up with them at Turners Green Bridge where we all moored for the Night.
Today we are having a quiet day while Marlene gets over her ordeal.

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  1. Marlene.

    You have now been baptised as an inland waterways shellback boater. Just like crossing the equator and being welcomed into King Neptunes court.

    King Neptune plays a central role in the long-standing tradition of the "Line-crossing ceremony" whose initiation is still current in many merchant fleets.

    When ships cross the equator, "Pollywogs" (sailors who have not done such a crossing before) appear before King Neptune and his court. Usually with his first assistant Davy Jones. Some Pollywogs may be "interrogated" by King Nepture and his entourage. At the end of the ceremony Pollywogs are initiated as Shellbacks or Sons or daughters of Neptune.

    I was baptised from a Pollywog to a Shellback aboard a gas tanker on Saturday the 29th November 1969 in the Atlantic just off the coast of Africa. The certificate is on my office wall.


    Mick and Maggie