Saturday, 21 May 2011

A visitor from Ripon.

On Monday morning we turned the boat at the winding hole near the Bridge Inn and headed back toward Warwick. After dropping down the three Calcutt Locks we moored at bridge twenty. Then after lunch we walked into the village of Stockton, on the way back we found a footpath so we did not have to return via the road. Next morning we descended the ten locks of the Stockton Flight and moored once again at long Itchington. Wednesday we did a car boot, starting at 12-o-clock. We caused a bit of amusement as we have no car we arrived on foot with all our gear in two trolleys and a rucksack. It was warm and sunny as it had been for some time now,then at 1-45 the heavens opened. Packing everything quickly we returned to the boat, very wet.
Our son Richard was cycling down from Ripon to join us for a couple of days. Due to a few miss directions he did not arrive until 10pm.The next day he should have gone on to Stephens near Reading, Instead he stayed with us until this morning. We did nothing much on Thursday and Friday,apart from Marlene having her hair trimmed.
This morning we waved goodbye to Richard then left to go down ten locks before mooring on the outskirts of Leamington Spar. We are staying here until Tuesday when we will go into Warwick. Then on Wednesday we are meeting our Granddaughter. In the following week we will be repeating the journey we have just done. With that in mind my next blog will be after Wednesday the first of June, Don't want to bore you all.

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