Monday, 20 June 2011

Cadbury World.

As we were having breakfast on Thursday morming we were passed by Best of Mates,owned by Jennifer and Graham who we see quite often on our travels. Leaving Birmingham we cruised back to Kings Norton Junction. At the junction we headed toward Worcester. Just short of a mile from Kings Norton we came to Wast Hill Tunnel a two way tunnel at a length of 2726yds,it was wet inside. Mooring at Hopwood we waited for Pamela,Nathan and Archie to arrive on Friday evening. On Saturday we all went to Cadbury World, as we presented our tickets we were given a Crunshie and a Curlywurly each. Later as we passed through the History of chocolate and Cadbury we entered the packing area and recieved a bar of Dairy Milk. It was a great day out with even more chocolate than I have mentioned, some in warm liquid form. At the end of the tour you arrive at the shop where you are tempted to buy more chocolate. On Saturday evening we had a meal at the Hopwood house Inn which was next to the mooring. On Sunday morning we cruised down the canal to Alverchurch where we did some shopping before returning to Hopwood so our visitors could collect their car and return home. This morning we left Hopwood after turning the boat and once again cruised pest Alverchurch then through two more tunnels,one 613yds long and the second 580yds. I am writing this moored at the top of Tardebrigge locks(all 30 of them) ready to decend in the morning.

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