Sunday, 15 May 2011

A sad end to an old boat.

This week has flown by, Last Monday we moored outside the Blue Lias Inn where we had a lovely meal and a few drinks to celebrate Marlene's birthday. On Tuesday morning we ascended the remaining eight locks of the Stockton Flight. In the evening we moored at Napton Junction and had a visit from a pair of ducks that nearly came in the boat. Wednesday we stayed at Napton and walked into the village. Going we took a footpath over the hill, then we returned to Doublefracture along the towpath from Napton Locks.We left Napton on Thursday morning heading for Braunston. About a mile from Braunston we past the sad remains of an old wooden working boat which had been there last year when we passed. Looks like British Waterways doesn't move them very quickly. At Braunston we moored opposite the Boathouse Inn. On Friday we walked into Braunston village
Saturday morning we took the bus into Daventry to do some shopping.Returning to the boat at 12-30 we went to the next winding hole and turned round starting back to Napton. Arriving at Napton Narrow boats we backed in for diesel. In stead of being able to declare my own split we were told that the price was £1-22 a litre. At a 40-60 split this would make diesel for propulsion higher priced than road diesel. Mooring just past the marina we walked to a nursery and cafe where we bought some plants and had a cream tea.
We are staying at Napton for Saturday night and Sunday.

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