Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Big Drop.

On the 1st may we moved to the top of Hatton Locks,however, we decided to descend the locks on the Monday. Leaving our mooring at 9.30 we started the big drop of 146ft 6in in 21 locks. We had hoped to pair up with another boat, but alas there was no one around. All went well with boats coming up the locks which means the locks we were coming to next were full and ready for us. Finally five locks from the bottom we caught up with a couple who had stopped for coffee. Sharing the last five helped us to reach the bottom in three and a half hours. We did two more locks with this couple and stopped for lunch on the edge of Warwick. After Lunch we carried on to Leamington Spa where we moored for the night.
Next morning we woke up to alot of crashing and banging from what I assume was a scrapyard at the other side of the towpath fence. Before moving on we had a walk round Leamington Spa. It is a nice town with some nice parks, on the other hand it has some rather seedy parts. Later we moved to a mooring near the village of Radford Semele a few mile from the centre of Leamington. Staying here on Wednesday we took a walk along the Offchurch Green Way,a quiet walk along a disused railway.
Today we are moored a mile from the village of Long Itchington where we plan to moor for the weekend. To get here we did ten locks with the last two a staircase, this means the top gate of the first lock is the bottom gate of the top lock.

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