Monday, 9 May 2011

Marlene's Birthday.

On Friday we stayed moored where we were and walked in to Long Itchington. A notice on the village notice board asked people to collect two litre plastic pop bottles so they could use them to build a greenhouse(an interesting project). Coming back a different way we arrived at the Two Boats a canal side pub. After refreshments we returned to the boat. Early Saturday morning we moved up to the moorings next to the Two Boats, this is just below the Stockton Flight of locks. Moving this short distance I got quite wet, this was the first time we had had rain for some time. Mid morning the rain stopped and once again we walked into the village Calling as you do to try another of the five pubs this small village has. A quiet Sunday with the papers and rugby on the television brings us to today, Marlene's Birthday. We are leaving Long Itchington to go up the first two locks to moor at The Blue Lias Inn, where this evening we will celebrate Marlene's birthday with a meal and a few drinks.

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