Thursday, 15 March 2012

Misty mornings.

On Wednesday morning it was grey and misty, I had nowhere to go so I decided to do some washing while waiting for the diesel man. My plan was to move on after I had filled up with diesel. I had just started making my lunch when he arrived( sods law I suppose )so turning everything off I went out to meet him. By the time he'd gone and I had eaten my lunch the sun was out. So instead of moving on I put the washing out to dry. In the end I spent my second night moored at Rugeley. This morning was another misty one as I set off heading for Great Hayward. It was cold and damp as I made my way out of Rugeley but I made good time. Just after crossing the river Trent I was surprised to see a boat coming toward me head light blazing. Slowing to let him come under the bridge I noticed a second boat behind him. As I went under the bridge I found another boat behind them. Obviously I was not the only one mad enough to set of that early in the mist. Passing through Worsely Bridge I finally arrived at Colwich lock where I met a day boat with a party celebrating a sixtieth birthday. It was still only twenty past ten when I moored at Great Hayward after a very cold two hours,time for coffee. Before writing this I took a walk round and found some caves, however they were fenced off so I couldn't go in. The time is four fifteen and the day boat has just passed on their way back to base,it will have been a cold birthday cruise as the sun never got out today.

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