Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Leaving Branston.

It was another hot and sunny day on Sunday. We took a walk to the park with Archie, then a walk round Branston lake. Having had our exercise we sat in the sun and had a drink before lunch. Alas, after lunch it soon got to the time for Pamela and Archie to go home. It had been a great weekend, over all too soon. While looking at the moon through our scope we got talking to a young man who was monitoring the bats in the area. Yesterday we decided to stay at Branston for one more day. Moored in front of us was a couple we had met when we were on our way to Shardlow. Eric and Gill had been on television with there boat Iduno. In the afternoon Marlene and I walked up to the top of the ridge over looking the canal and Branston. In the evening we had a great sun set.
Today we left our mooring and cruised up through Tatenhill lock to Barton Turns where we stopped below the lock to water up. Marlene phoned Richard to see how he had got on at the hospital. He had broken his foot playing football and was in plaster up to his knee. We are now moored alongside the A38 just passed Barton Marina drying our washing. We passed Mike who was moored near us in the marina, he was walking the dogs, he asked how I'd got on at the hospital, nice to see you Mike(he's a reader of the blogg). Tomorrow we intend to move on to Alrewas.

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