Friday, 14 May 2010

Catching up.

Sorry its been so long since my last posting. Let me bring you up to date. We arrived in Shardlow on Saturday. having been down to Sawley to turn round,on Friday night. It was Marlene's birthday on Sunday and Pamela, Nathan and Archie came over for lunch at the New Inn. Then in the evening Stephen arrived having flown in to East Midlands Airport from Amsterdam. On Monday morning we left Shardlow heading back to Burton With Stephen on board for a few days, well I say onboard but he walked more than being on the boat. At Swarkstone lock I tied the boat a bit tight and when the lock was emptying it swung out and tightened even more causing the boat to list to an alarming angle. Luckily Marlene managed to bring it back in so I could untie it. Then at the next lock (Stenson) the same thing happened to a hire boat sharing the lock with us, scary. We Stopped for lunch then and collected more wood.
Arriving back at Burton on Tuesday we moored at Shobnal Park. The morning of Wednesday I had an appointment at Burton Hospital, arriving there I was informed that the appointment had been changed and I should have been there the day before, however I had not received the letter telling me of the change. So, now I have another appointment for next Wednesday. On Thursday Stephen went home and we turned round and headed back to Willington. We had lunch at the Mill House pub, then we moored out in the country for the night. Today we moored at Willington and took the bus into Derby. We liked Derby with it's two great market halls. The pictures are a quiet mooring in the country and The moorings and sanitary point at Burton.

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