Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A bit of painting.

On Saturday we stayed at Willington and seeing as the weather was good I took some time to paint out some of the scratches we had collected over the last year. While I was doing that Marlene phoned British waterways about a vacant mooring at Willington, however all she got was an answer phone, Leaving a name and phone number we waited for a return call on Monday. Walking down the canal in the afternoon we had a look round Mercia Marina and checked out some generators. In the evening we walked to the Green Dragon for some light refreshment. The weather was good again on Sunday, so after buying the Sunday paper we went down to the entrance of the Marina and turned round ready to head back to Shobnal for my Hospital appointment on Wednesday. Mooring again just below Willington we sat in the sun and relaxed reading the paper. While sat there about twenty tractors passed along the road opposite, all painted and polished as if going to a show,but never found out where. in the evening we moved out into the country by bridge twenty five away from the railway line. Another nice day on Monday so we stayed where we were. In the morning I walked back into Willington for some milk, as ours had gone off. No word from BW so on Tuesday as we were heading back to Shobnal Marlene phoned them again, leaving another message on the answer phone. We are now moored out side Shobnal Marina,I have painted the scratches out on the other side of the boat today. In the morning we will turn round and go back to Shobnal park ready to walk to the hospital tomorrow afternoon. Lots of young ducks and geese around this spring.

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