Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Heading toward Shardlow.

For a change I walked into Branston for a paper. I don't read papers as a rule. In the afternoon we moved down the canal to Shobnal Marina, mooring up just outside opposite Marston's Brewery. On Monday walked to B&Q but couldn't decide what wood I needed. The morning of Tuesday we were brought awake by a young man on his way to school shouting wakey wakey as he rode past on his bike.
While Marlene did some washing i went back to B&Q to get the wood I needed to put a lid on our roof box. The rest of the morning we put the lid on the box, with a few problems, however by lunch we had finished. Later we moved down to Shobnal Park Mooring for the Night.
Wednesday we walked across the park to the foot bridge over the A38. Crossing this we came to Burton Hospital so Marlene could have a blood test. Afterwards we took a bus to Barton so I could pick up a Prescription. Returning to Burton to do some shopping then back to the boat for lunch.
This afternoon we moved on to Willington for the night. Tomorrow we will carry on toward Shardlow for the weekend.

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