Monday, 23 July 2012

A gap in our summer cruising.

Over two week since my last posting,but to be honest our boating has been zero. When Nathan came to pick up the grandchildren we went back with them. Pamela had gone on a surprise pamper day and a barbecue was planned for her return. While waiting we went bowling in Grantham. The barbecue was a success except for a couple of showers. Pamela was surprised to see us and her close friends when she came home. We stayed till the Wednesday when taking the train north we visited Richard for a couple of nights before going to my mothers on the Friday. We finally returned to the boat on Monday. Tuesday we went in to Castle Bonnington to register at the doctors. When ever we checked the river it was closed, so we stayed in the Marina and dodged the showers while walking some of the footpaths. One of the days we walked up the river to Shardlow, where we had a pot of tea at the New Inn before returning. This last weekend with the change in the weather we sat on our small patio in front of the boat and relaxed in the sun. Tomorrow we have a health check with the nurse at our new doctors, then hopefully on Wednesday we can do some cruising.

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