Saturday, 21 April 2012

Three short moves.

Time to move on again on Wednesday,although we didn't go far. Arriving at Branston lock we were delayed due to a blocked paddle. There was a team from British waterways trying to sort it out. Eventually though the queues above and below the lock were getting bigger so they let us through. We moored a little further on so we could walk to Carpet Wright to buy a new carpet for our bedroom. Returning to the boat we had lunch then I fitted the carpet,the hardest part was opening it out in such a small space. On Thursday we took the bus into Burton and did some shopping and collect my prescription,however true to form Boots were short of one item. Early Friday morning we moved the boat to Shobnal(a mere ten minutes down the canal)and walked to Boots to collect the missing item. On the way back we called at B&Q for some more paint and some wood to make some book shelves. We have books all over the boat. Before moving a little further to Shobnal Fields I went to Shobnal marina for some gas. While there I discovered that the man who tiled our shower last March had gone into receivership. Mooring at Shobnal Fields I painted did the first coat on the other side gunwale,then it rained.This morning before breakfast I gave it a second coat,and it rained. It's looking brighter now the rain was only a short sharp shower. We have to decide if we should move on today or tomorrow,decisions, decisions, decisions.

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