Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One of my favourite moorings.

First thing Saturday morning we called in at the Marina to see about a parcel we were expecting,but it hadn't arrived. Dropping down the lock at Barton Turns,we watered up before carrying on to moor at Branston. This is one of my favourite moorings along this stretch of the Trent and Mersey. As you look out over the canal the view is of a wooded hillside with a scattering of buildings in between, the most impressive being Dunstall Hall. On the mooring sde you have Branston Water park to walk round,altogether a pleasant mooring. In the evening we walked over to the new Harvester restaurant and had a very nice meal.walking back we called in for a drink at the Blacksmiths Arms. Sunday was a quiet day where nothing much happened,except for the boat that hit us at the stern. Catching the bus on Monday morning we went back into Barton for my doctors appointment, all went well with my annual check up. Calling back at the marina only to find the parcel still hand't arrived so we asked them to return it to sender if it came. Today Marlene caught up with the washing while I gave the gunwale it's third coat of paint. We are still moored at Branston enjoying the bright sunny days, even with the showers.

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