Monday, 15 August 2011

A mini cruise for Stephen.and the boys.

Well the weekend in Ripon lasted till Thursday, then Richard drove us back to the boat. On arrival he then went up to Stone to collect Stephen and his three boys, they were coming till Sunday evening. While we were at Richards,Gill got stung by a wasp and her arm swelled up and was quite painful. Then low add behold on our way up to Weston upon Trent Marlene was stung on her hand, that was on Friday.
On Saturday we went on to Stone where we moored above the lock by the Star Inn. I think everybody must have decided to visit Stone. As I have never seen it so busy. Sunday we stayed in where we were and the boys played cricket until it was time to go to the Star for lunch,Stephen very kindly treated us all. After lunch we went up three locks so we were moored near the railway station. The weekend was over far too soon, they left on the 20-06 from Stone, it would be very late before they got home.
Today I had to take Marlene to the doctors as her hand was badly swollen, the cream we bought at the chemist didn't seem to be working. So Marlene is on antibiotics just like Gill was. These wasps have a lot to answer for.

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