Monday, 1 August 2011

Another two week gone.

Since my last post on the 17th(or was that the 16th)we have been down to Shobnal Marina to have the bracket fixed. It took Andy an hour to remove the old bolts and raplace them with new ones.
This stretch of the Trent and Mersy was starting to get busy with boats gathering for the IWA Festival at Burton on Trent. We left the Marina and headed back to one of our favourite moorings at Branston. While there we took a walk round the water park and watched the birds.
Moving on we moored at Barton Turns while we visited Pamela's for a birthday party for Nathan and Arcchie who's birthdays are close together. Returning to the boat we have been relaxing and going nowhere much. We are now moored at Alrewas on a 14 day mooring waiting for the festival traffic to calm down. Over the weekend we were talking to one of our readers who were walking along the towpath. It is always nice to meet people who read the blog, so thanks for stopping for a chat. Still can't upload pictures, sorry.

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