Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A bad start to the Caldon.

Well so much for not getting a signal down the Caldon canal, I have a better signal than normal. Anyhow, we had rather a bad start on Monday morning. I went up to the staircase lock while Marlene came round in the boat. It seemed to take ages before she arrived. When the boat came up level on the first part of the lock Marlene said there was no power in the engine. I decided to look in the weed hatch, low and behold I found a cushion rapped around the propeller. We continued into the second part of the lock,coming out at the top we still had little power in the engine, back in the weed hatch. This time I found a green plastic sack rapped round the propeller.
Finally we were on our way, the first five mile is through the urban sprawl but then we came into lovely countryside between Milton and engine lock,so we moored for the night.
We didn't expect to move this morning, as the forecast was for heavy rain. Infact it is warm and sunny so we travelled up engine lock through two lift bridges and then up the five locks of the Stckton Brook flight a rise of 41ft 1pm. We are now moored in open country near the Stoke on Trent Boat Club. Just before we got here there was an obstruction in the middle of the canal, which looked a bit like a mini roundabout, wiered.


  1. The little roundabout used to be the pivot point for a swing bridge. When you pass it again, have a look at the bank and you can see where it used to land.

  2. Thank you for that information Adam,it's always nice to know the history of these things.