Thursday, 8 July 2010

Visiting, Then cruising south.

First I must thank Jan for her lovely comments. Problems like hospital visits are easily overcome don't let them put you off. If we can help with anything, please, just ask.

My sister Jennifer arrived on Monday with her daughter Mali, we had a nice day with food, wine and a walk round Mercia Marina and surrounding area. In the evening Marlene and I moved Doublefracture
to bridge 20, can't over stay on the moorings. Bridge 20 was rebuild winter before last after a tractor demolished one side of the bridge.

On Tuesday morning I was sat reading in the cratch when a large bird flew into the tree at the other side of the canal looking through my scope I was delighted to see it was a buzzard, then later I discovered a second one on a lower branch.

Moving again we moored just outside Mercia Marina on Tuesday night, then on Wednesday morning we took the bus into Burton, then on to Barton so we could change our library books, returning in mid-afternoon. Today is a quiet day getting ready to leave the boat at Mercia Marina so we can take the train to Grantham to visit Pamela, Then on Monday take the train to Yorkshire to visit my Mother and our son Richard and family After that we are heading south to the Kennet and Avon. While there we will spend some time with Stephen and our three grandsons. See you then, when the real summer cruise starts.

The pictures are bridge 20 before the repair and Mercia Marina.

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