Thursday, 22 July 2010

Back with the trains.

Since leaving Willington we have been away from the railways until last night when we moored at Huddlesford Junction. At the junction the main line crosses the canal next to the moorings, then stays close till Hopwas when it swings away again.

After leaving Morrisons mooring we called in at Barton for our prescriptions(we had a bag full to last us for the next three month) and returned our library books. Thanks to Mick from Barton Marina for taking Marlene to the doctors so she was not late for her appointment. Spent Monday night in Alrewas which was quite busy. On Tuesday we went up to Fradley, moored at bridge 90 and went into Lichfield.

Yesterday as I said we moored at Huddlesford Junction and had a night out at the Plough. This morning we headed for Fazeley Junction. It took us two and a half hours to travel the five mile, due to the number of moored boats we passed. Arriving at Fazeley for lunch time, just ahead of a thunder storm.

We looked back at some notes we made five year ago when we brought Doublefracture down from Northwich, we arrived at Fazeley on the 22nd July, however that time we had traveled from Kings Bromley Wharf. We must be slowing down.

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