Thursday, 10 July 2014

The long climb at Bingley.

Leaving Shipley last Thursday after writing the blog we moored at Saltaire and took a walk up Shipley Glen. Later in the day we carried on toward Bingley and the Three and Five Rise Locks. We moored about a mile from the locks Thursday night, ready to start the locks Friday morning. We left our mooring at 9-10hrs Friday and found ourselves fourth in line at the bottom of the Three Rise. Boats were coming down so every body had to wait. At last the first two boats entered the bottom lock to start the climb leaving us still waiting. Finally on the move we went up the three with the assistance of the lock keeper and on to the bottom of the five. To cut a long story short it ws after lunch before we started up the five and two o clock by the time we arrived at the top. Mooring at the top we decided to stay for the weekend. Monday we left Bingley behind heading to Skipton for Wednesday. In the event we arrived in Skipton on Tuesday after two days Cruising through some of the best countryside Yorkshire has to offer. We moored between the two swing bridges at the far side of Skipton in lovely sunshine. Yesterday we did the tourist bit looking round town then going into Skipton Castle,it was a nice day finished off in the evening with a drink in two of Skiptons hostelries,a fine end to the day. This morning Marlene left by train to visit Pamela for her birthday and on Sunday they are going for a spa day. Me, I will get on with some jobs that need doing till Marlene gets back on Monday evening.

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