Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Skipton to Barrowford locks.

Hear we are sat having our evening meal the sun shining and the rain bouncing off the canal. Say what you like we get some funny weather in this country. Marlene returned from her Spa day on Monday evening,then Tuesday morning we resumed our trip over the Leeds and Liverpool canal. We made good time from Skipton to Gargrave where we moored and went to the Anchor for our lunch. After lunch we did the last three locks in the Gargrave flight. At the bottom of the next flight of locks at Bank Newton we caught up with another boat which had seen us coming. Traveling up the six locks(a rise of 56 ft 1/2 ins)together made it nice and easy. The boat was called Scrumpy and the people were from the west country. Just before we were ready to moor the engine started to over heat,so we moored where we were. It was lovely out among the hills,a spot where canal twists and turns for a few mile. This morning after checking and topping up the engine coolant we were on our way again,however after a short time we had trouble with the engine getting hot again but only when the revs reached a certain level. We cruised on slower.Meeting a boat at the bottom of Greenberfield locks,we went up together with all locks set in our favour. After stopping at a boat yard for diesel and gas we moored at Salterforth for lunch. Then off to Foulridge Tunnel 1640yards long. The lights were red when we arrived so we moored and waited. On the dot at three o clock the lights went green,we entered the tunnel. It took us twenty minutes to get to the other end, back out into the sun. A mile further on we came to Barrowford Visitor mooring and moored up just above Barrowford locks. As we finished tying ropes and went in for a coffee the heavens opened.

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