Monday, 24 June 2013

Wolverhampton locks, closed.

Leaving Gas Street on Friday morning we moved to a mooring on the main line where it should be quieter on an evening. Walking into the City Centre so I could get my perscription filled,was probably a mistake the place was a mad house after the quiet of the canal. Checking the weed hatch I found a length of rope and part of a jacket wrapped round the propellor,this may have caused the over heating problem. Heading up the main line on Saturday morning we elected to take the old line at Smethwick junction. The three Smethwick locks lead off to the right of the main line. It's an interesting journey with the canal running under the M5 at times. It was made more interesting with the wind and rain on Saturday morning. We had intended to moor along the old line that night but arrived at The Black Country Living Museum without finding somewhere suitable,the mooring at the museum is a secure mooring with a locked gate on the towpath. It was like stepping back in time when we entered the Museum on Sunday morning. All the buildings have been rescued from their original positions in the black country and rebuild in the museum creating a canal side village complete with mine,workers institute,chapel,shops and of cause a pub. Most of it is set in the 1930s,with a AJS motorbike selling for £37-10s,I wish. It was a lovely day and dispite the rain the time flew by. This morning we should have been going through the twenty one locks at Wolverhampton and on to the Staffs and Worsceter canal,however,last night we found out that lock twenty had serious safety issues causing the whole flight to be closed. so, today we returned to Birmingham down the main line and once again moored on the main line near the National Indoor Arena and the National Sea Life Centre.

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