Thursday, 20 June 2013

Over heating engine.

Tonight we are moored in Gas Street in Birmingham. Last Wednesday we walked into Warwick and looked round the church,then had lunch in the local Wetherspoons. We were surprised how small Warwick town centre actually was,in it's defence it still has a lot of independent shops with just a few of the chains of shops you see in most towns. Thursday we did the Hatton flight of twenty one locks,climbing 146ft 6ins this took us three hours forty minutes. The locks are large locks holding two boats and we were lucky to share the work with another boat crewed by Tim and his Mum who had just moved on to their boat. The weather was kind to us until just before we found a mooring and the heavens opened. By the time we got moored we were soaked. Mooring on the link between the Grand Union and the Stratford and Avon canal we had a quiet day(well not that quiet as we were moored next to a railway bridge). Saturday we walked over the fields to Baddesley Clinton a National Trust property it was a nice warm sunny day until we arrived back at the boat when the rain came. At least our timing was better this time. It cleared in the evening and we went for another walk. Fourteen locks on the Lapworth Flight kept us occupied on Sunday morning leaving the last four to do another day. Cleaning and washing were the order of the day on Monday,boring but it has to be done. We visited another National Trust house on Tuesday,this time Packwood House. The gardens here are great. In the afternoon we did the last four locks of the Lapworth flight. After we had topped up the diesel tank we were planning to moor at Hockley Heath for the night,however just before the lift bridge on the approach to Hockley Heath the engine over heated,so we moored quickly where we were. I don't know what caused it to over heat as I check oil and water every morning and they were fine that morning. Yesterday and today we completed the Stratford canal and took the Worcester and Birmingham canal into Gas Street.

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