Sunday, 2 September 2012

End of season fast approaching.

Would you believe it it's September already,where does the time go. We are just back at the boat having had a nice week at Stephens with the boys. I went on some walks with them round the Berkshire countryside. Marlene is resting her Achilles tendon that she injured before we went to Stephens. Wednesday evening we all went to Pizza Express so we could meet Stephen's new lady friend which was a great success.On Thursday we went Tenpin Bowling in Reading Harry won by one point with me second, I messed up my last ball taking only six pins instead of the eight I needed.The journey home went quite well except the train from Reading to London Paddington was packed to bursting. We had planned to cruise with the boat when we got back,however,I have some more dentist and doctors appointments coming up, nothing really important but time consuming. Next weekend we are looking after our youngest grandson( Duncan) while his mum and go to London for a dueathlon Richard is taking part. After that we are going up to Yorkshire with them so we can visit mother. That will take us to mid September and probably still more dental appointments,so the chances of going far with the boat before the end of the season are receding fast.

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